Friday, October 19, 2018

October 15-19, 2018

The Pre-K students are completing "challenging works" during our Montessori work period and are able to select various works on their own in the classroom to practice their skills. Each day, they are able to stay engaged for longer periods of time.

Foster is using the Knobbed Cylinders to distinguish
between diameter and height.

Braela is building a pattern with the
Knobless Cylnders.

Blaine is using Color Box 4 to match colors
and grade from darkest to lightest.

Cory is practicing spooning to work on his fine motor skills.

Nora used the Movable Alphabet to fill
in missing initial sounds.

Vincent is using the Metal Insets to practice tracing
and writing left to right lines.

Lily is solving some pattern cards.

Austin is working on his Continent Map
and tracing Asia.

Mira used the Small Bead Frame to touch and count the beads
and recognize the correct bead set for each number. 

Marcus is using the Cards and Counters to
order numbers and show quantities for each.

Scarlett is using the Movable Alphabet to fill in
missing ending sounds.

Jordyn is working on the Ten Board to show quantities
as combinations of tens and units from 11-99.

Kellan is using Letter Box 6 to sort picture cards
by their initial sounds.
Charity is using the Number Rods and Cards to
order numbers from 1-10.

In science class this week, we learned about primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colors (orange, green, and purple). 

The students learned that you could mix two primary colors together to get a secondary color. 

They watched in amazement how the colors changed when mixed together!

The boys and girls were great scientists! They observed and discussed what they learned and then completed a worksheet to show their knowledge.

Wednesday was "Make a New Friend Day" in Pre-K.  At this age, boys and girls often gravitate towards the same friends every day and we wanted to encourage everyone to branch out a bit!  Boys and girls were asked to choose a friend that they do not play with often. We went on a walk and they ate snack and lunch together. They learned a lot about one another - favorite colors, favorite snacks, favorite things to do in school, what they are going to be for Halloween, and so much more! It was great to see new friendships forming and watching the students step out of their comfort zone.

Some reminders:
  • The Mission Party is scheduled for Wednesday, October 31. We are asking each family to make a donation of $5.00 per child. Please refer to the email that was sent for the schedule for the day. Students may wear their Halloween costumes over play clothes with sneakers. We will be taking the costumes off after the parade so the children will be comfortable for the games. Dismissal is at 12:00 and there will be no lunch on that day.
  • Show and Tell on Thursday, October 25, will be something that starts with /t/.
  • The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to HCA! Pre-K students will be shopping on Thursday, November 1, from 11:00-11:30. If you are available to help the students shop at this time, please sign up via Mrs. Clay's link here or contact her a

A huge thank you to all the parents who sent in delicious treats for the faculty and staff this week! We were all overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Have a great weekend!