Friday, September 13, 2019

September 4-13, 2019

We've had a great start to our year in Pre-K!

HCA Class of 2029

We have spent a lot of time since our first day getting to know one another, learning our rules and routines, and, of course, playing together and having fun!

Friends are the best!

First time checking out books from the library

Check out our self-portraits that we made in art class!

Lunch is delicious!

Morning play time in Kindergarten

The boys and girls have even been working with some of the materials in our classroom!

Matching colors with Color Box 2


Working with the screwdriver set

Puzzles are our favorite!

Matching capital and lowercase letters
with the Insta-Learn Board

Looking ahead:

  • Rest towels will be sent home every Friday to be washed. Please be sure to return them on Mondays.
  • Next week, we will have gym class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Next Thursday, September 19, will be our first show and tell. The topic will be "My Favorite Thing." For this week, children should be prepared to stand in front of the class and tell what item they chose to share and why it is their favorite thing.
  • Scholastic Book Club orders will be due on Friday, September 20. Please refer to the email that was sent for details. 

Have a great weekend!