Friday, October 2, 2020

September 28 - October 2, 2020

 Montessori Work Period

A Montessori work period is an uninterrupted block of time where the children are able to explore the prepared environment and engage with materials of their own choosing from their shelves. As you know, each child has his/her own shelf filled with materials selected to meet their individual academic needs. The work period time is meant to give them opportunities to enjoy the work they love, while also cultivating their skills. Currently, the children have two Montessori work periods during the day - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. At this time, they are working on their Montessori lessons for approximately 60-90 minutes a day. The work period time will gradually increase as the year progresses and they are able to focus for longer periods of time on their work. 

Connor is working on hand-eye coordination
and balance to build the Red Knobless Cylinders
from largest to smallest.

Justine is using tweezers to sort fruit by color
and shape - fine motor practice and a math
lesson all in one!

Anthony is working on the CRIP Letter Box to sort picture
cards by those initial sounds.

Greyson is using the Movable Alphabet
to fill in missing sounds in phonetic words.

Luke is working on one of science puzzles to work
on his pincer grasp, develop his problem solving
skills, and learn the parts of a turtle.

Ava is working with Color Box 2 to match 
colors and sort pictures by color.

Charlie is using the Cards and Counters to count out 
quantities for numbers 1-10.

Lexi is working to finish patterns.

Some reminders:
  • On Monday, October 5, we will be celebrating the Blessing of the Pets at 8:15 am on the field. Please see the Happenings email for more details.
  • Show and tell will be on Friday, October 9, and the topic will be something that begins with the /m/ sound. Please put the item in a brown bag so no one can see it and help your child prepare three clues to help their classmates guess what object they chose to share.
  • Please remember to send in two napkins everyday for snack and lunch.

Have a great weekend!