Friday, April 30, 2021

April 26-30, 2021

It's always an exciting time in Pre-K when new Montessori "works" come out on the shelves! The boys and girls are eager to receive lessons on the new materials and enjoy practicing them on their own.

Bead Chains

The Bead Cabinet is a beautiful Montessori math material that houses the Short and Long Bead Chains. The Bead Chains are used to practice one-to-one correspondence when counting and to learn patterns and begin skip counting by twos up to by tens. The 1-10 Short Chains allow children to practice linear and skip counting up to 100 and the 1-10 Long Chains help the children do the same up to 1000. 

Charlie is working with the Short Four Chain
to practice one-to-one correspondence up to 16.

Greyson is working with the Long Five Chain
to practice skip counting by fives up to 125.

Constructive Triangles

The Constructive Triangles are a Montessori Sensorial material that consist of a set of five boxes of wooden triangles that children work with to build geometric shapes. Currently, we are working with three of the five boxes and the students are learning about quadrilaterals and triangles.

Justine is working with the first Rectangular Box
and matching the triangles to make quadrilaterals.

Lexi is working with the second Rectangular Box
to make the same quadrilaterals from memory.

Luke is working with the Triangular Box
to build equilateral triangles from a variety
of other triangles.

Practical Life

Practical life activities are often referred to as the heart of Montessori education. They include an increasingly challenging series of motor tasks involving real-life goals and develop a sense of independence, body control and coordination of movement, concentration, and sense of order. 

Lily is working with one of the Dressing
Frames to practice zippering.

Ava is practicing folding clothes.
(This lesson has become a class favorite 
and the boys and girls are eager to help fold
laundry at home - hint, hint 😉.)

Advanced Geometric Solids

Earlier in the year, the Pre-K students were introduced to the basic Geometric Solids: cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere. Now, they are working with the more advanced set to learn about prisms, pyramids, ovoids, and ellipsoids. 

Connor is matching picture cards to 
their correct Geometric Solids.

Pink Tower/Brown Stair

Combing the Pink Tower and Brown Stair is always a favorite lesson in Pre-K. The students are able to see similarities between the two materials and combine them to build fun patterns.

Anthony is comparing the width and height
of the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Mystery Readers

Mystery Readers continue to big a HUGE hit in Pre-K! This week, we welcomed Luke's dad and mom as our readers. Thank you for taking the time to share some great stories with us!

If you would like to be a mystery reader for our class, please reach out to me! We hope to be able to welcome someone from each child's family.

Important Reminders:
  • Show and tell will be on Thursday, May 6. The topic will be something that begins with /j/.

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather this week! The boys and girls have been so motivated to get their afternoon work done so we can go outside to play at the end of the day.

Have a great weekend!

"Mrs. Barrera, we are twins!"