Friday, October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017

Last Friday, HCA invited families to bring their pets to school for the Blessing of the Animals.  The Pre-K students loved meeting all the furry friends!

Petting John's guinea pig

Meeting Blaine's dog, George Bailey

The Lewis family with their dogs

Art class is always fun with Mrs. Mueller!  This week, the boys and girls worked with clay and made leaf prints.  Mrs. Mueller gave each group directions on how to work with the clay. Then, she showed them how to use the rolling pin to flatten it out.  They rolled it and then imprinted the leaf on top.

Last week, we celebrated Fire Prevention Week by learning about fire safety in school and at home and practicing our fire drill. This week, on Wednesday, the Upper Darby Fire Department came to HCA to teach us about fire safety and fire trucks.  The boys and girls loved seeing the firetruck and even became junior firefighters!

In Pre-K, we have been working hard on learning to follow directions - both single step and multi-step directions. We practice this all day long in a variety of scenarios from lining up to completing work. This week, we have been working on creating "monsters" for our Halloween bulletin board. The students had to assemble their monster in order: choosing a body and head, arms/legs, ears/hair, and a face. They learned from experience that the monster would not be assembled correctly if they did not complete the directions in order. Now, the students are proud to have their monsters on display in our classroom!

Following directions is a great skill to practice at home as well! For example, ask your child to help set the table.  First, set out the plates; next, the glasses; finally, the napkins and silverware.  This also will help them develop their memory skills.

Ideas to foster your child's independence:
  • Choosing an outfit and dressing himself/herself
  • Putting on coats and shoes 
  • Packing schoolbags
  • Simple chores

Upcoming events:

  • Show and Tell on Wednesday, October 25, will be "something that begins with C."
  • The HCA Halloween Mission party will be on Tuesday, October 31. HCA asks that each family sends in $15 to cover the cost of the day (games, snack, and pizza lunch). Please refer to the email that was sent home previously. Students should come to school dressed in their Halloween costumes.  Please make sure your child wears sneakers and play clothes under his/her costume. They will be able to change out of their costumes after the festivities. Parents are invited to join us for the parade from 8:15-8:45 am in the gym. After the parade, the students will be joining the older students for games.

Caleb decided he wants to be a gym teacher
like Mrs. Mossor when he grows up.

In the STEAM Lab, the students learned about
 robots and coding. They loved watching the
Ozobot move and react to the different color
codes on the maze.