Friday, November 17, 2017

November 17, 2017

When we are outside for recess, the Pre-K students love to observe what is going on in the world around them - from the weather, to the leaves on the trees, to shapes and colors they may find. This week, the children were examining the tomato plants from our organic garden. They were amazed to find ladybugs and spent the whole recess observing and talking to them.

In STEAM Lab classes this week, the students listened to a fun alphabet song first. You can listen to it here.  They discussed which letters were made with straight lines and which with curved lines. Then, they used Zometools to build letters that were made with straight lines.

Kent used Zometools to spell his name!

In Art Class, the boys and girls made clay turkeys from their hands. Mrs. Mueller helped the students trace their hands on a slab of clay and connect the clay hand print to another piece of clay using "slip" (clay mixed with water). The students rolled pieces of clay to make the feet and wattle. Then, they gave the feathers texture using a popsicle stick. Finally, they painted their finished products.  Wait until you see their masterpieces!

In Gym Class, the Pre-K students play in small groups at "stations." Mrs. Mossor has been working on refining the children's fine motor and gross motor skills through games and various activities.

Toss and catch

Bouncing on the hippity-hop

Pac-Man fine motor skill practice

More fine motor skill practice - feeding the
monkey some bananas!

Working on balancing skills

Have a great weekend!