Friday, November 3, 2017

November 3, 2017

What a week it has been! We had so much fun celebrating Halloween!

The boys and girls were excited to examine a real pumpkin. We used our five senses to investigate the pumpkin and the students described what they saw, touched, and smelled. They were amazed to watch how to carve a pumpkin.

Our Peppa Pig pumpkin!

In the STEAM Lab, the students made skeletons from K'nex. They watched a video about bones and joints and then worked together to build a skeleton with a spine, arms, legs, joints, and a head.

The Mission Party was so much fun! After the parade, the children in Pre-K through 8th grade played games together in the gym - we even made some new friends! We also shared a snack and had a great pizza lunch together. What a great day for the HCA community!

We are sensing a theme with Show and Tell and snacks 😉  George brought in raisins for Show and Tell and decided he wanted to share them at the snack table with his friends.

Miss Webb taught the class a dance to "Monster Mash." There were lots of giggles as they learned to do the robot, walk like Frankenstein, and of course, we had to incorporate some "Thriller" moves!

Some reminders:
  • There is no school on Tuesday, November 7. 
  • Show and Tell on Wednesday, November 8, will be "something that starts with P."

Things to work on with your child:
  • Putting on a coat indepdently
  • Practicing zippering/buttoning
  • Getting ready in the morning - dressing, brushing teeth, putting shoes on
  • Letter sounds
  • Counting from 1 to 30 and beyond
  • Showing number quantities from 1 to 20 and beyond
  • Read together every night!

Have a great weekend!