Friday, April 26, 2019

April 22-26, 2019

Spring weather is finally here and we have been enjoying playing outside as much as possible!

Charity is so happy to be outside!

Nora and Lily were trying to catch some moths.

Marcus and Scarlett - just hanging out!

Foster and Blaine were having a catch.

Mira loves the slide!

Austin and Kellan were working on their balancing skills.

Vincent was playing soccer.

Over the past several weeks, we have been working on an author study on Todd Parr. Todd has written and illustrated over 40 children's books that are full of brightly colored pictures and wonderful messages for children. The Pre-K children love his stories and have enjoyed listening to them all! The students did a wonderful job discussing the similarities between the books. You can learn more about Todd Parr here.

We took a vote on our favorite Todd books. Surprisingly, there was not one favorite in the class - the votes were spread out over all the books we had. Take a look at our results:

We even transformed one of our boards into a "Todd" book, It's Okay To Be Different. The students created a self-portrait - Todd Parr style. We are so impressed by their creativity and the uniqueness of each portrait!

Important information:

  • On Tuesday, April 30 at 7:00 pm, we will be holding our State of the Academy presentation in the MPR. Hope to see you there!
  • The Early Childhood Celebration will be on Wednesday, May 15, at 8:30 am in the MPR. We are hoping that all parents will be able to join us! The celebration should last approximately an hour total. We will be sending home more information next week.

A big thank you to Mr. Ennen for being our very first Mystery Reader this morning!

The boys and girls were so excited for this special treat and are eagerly anticipating who will be our next guest! If you would like to sign up to be a Mystery Reader, please click here.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

April 15-19, 2019

Hope everyone had a great time at the Webb Family Easter Egg Hunt last weekend!

We had another Easter egg hunt at school and had so much fun with our friends!

Listening to Mrs. Mossor tell us the rules

Cashing in our eggs for some prizes

Who doesn't love a bunny whistle? 😉

The boys and girls did a wonderful job leading the school during our prayer service on Thursday. Thank you for joining us for this special day. We are so proud of them!

After the prayer service, we shared a special snack with our friends - soft pretzels in the shape of a cross!

Some reminders:
  • Our last Show and Tell of the year will be on Wednesday, April 24. The students may bring an object of their choice. Please help them prepare 3 clues to help their classmates guess what they chose to share.
  • Please sign up to be a Mystery Reader in our classroom here. Please refer to the email that was sent for more details.
  • Please remember to send in a spring extra change of clothes! 

Mrs. Mossor taught us how to "Bunny Hop"
in the gym!

Upcoming events:
  • Tuesday, April 23 - HCA Night at Panera from 4:00-8:00 pm
  • Thursday, April 25 - Spring Concert and Art Show
  • Tuesday, April 30 - State of the Academy beginning at 7:00 pm

Friday, April 12, 2019

April 8-12

In a Montessori classroom, we try to avoiding overusing phrases like "good job," and instead try to use phrases to ask the children about things they do and teach them that we value their opinions of their own work. We work hard to help them become intrinsically motivated to learn and do the right thing. Recently, there was a good article posted on a Montessori blog about this topic. Here are some alternatives to use, instead of always saying "Good Job!"

The boys and girls have been working so hard on their Montessori lessons and are so proud of their work each and every day. Ask them about what they have been working on in school!

Kellan counted the Long 5 Chain and skip
counted by fives to 125!

Mira started spelling! She sounded out each
object to spell it and then wrote the words
in her copybook!

Can you see Jordyn? She counted the Long
10 Chain and skip counted by tens to 1000!
The chain is so long, she had to work on it
in the hallway!

Blaine is writing the names of the continents
to finish his world map.

Austin is working with the Binomial Cube
to develop visual discrimination of shape,
color, and pattern.

Scarlett and Foster have been working on
writing sentences. They love brainstorming
ideas for what to write about!

So proud of their work!

The Pre-K students have been working hard on their handwriting skills all year long. This week, they started on writing their names like the "big kids." They are learning to write one capital letter to start their names, followed by lowercase letters for the rest of their name. Click here to make personalized handwriting worksheets for additional practice at home.

The Nursery and Pre-K students have been practicing every day for our big prayer service next week, on Thursday, April 18, at 8:15 am. We hope you can join us!

Enjoy this little sneak peek!

Some reminders:
  • Please send in a spring extra change of clothes for your child. We will return their other clothes when these come in.  Thank you!
  • There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, April 19, and Monday, April 22, for the Easter holiday.
It was wonderful to see you all at conferences this week. Thank you for taking the time to come in to discuss your child's progress. We are so proud of all the boys and girls!

Have a great weekend!  Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday for the prayer service!

Friday, April 5, 2019

April 1-5, 2019

Welcome back!

Hope everyone had a relaxing spring break!

In case you missed Mrs. Zwilling's blog before break, the Pre-K students made their own Claymation videos! Can you believe it? For the last few weeks, the students have been working on this project. They made clay models of the parts of a flower and laid them on paper one piece at a time in the order that they grow. They took picture of each step and used those pictures to make their movies. Take a look:

Pre-K is egg-cellent!

The boys and girls painted beautiful Easter eggs to display in the hallway.

First, they traced the egg.

Then, they cut out the egg - such concentration!

We taped off some lines and the students used watercolor
paints to paint in the spaces.

Look at their masterpieces!

Some reminders:
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, April 11, and Friday, April 12. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress! Friday, April 12, will be a holiday for the students.
  • Show and tell will be on Thursday, April 11 and the topic will be animals. 
  • The Nursery/Pre-K prayer service will be held on Thursday, April 18. We hope to see you there! The children are working very hard to lead their first prayer service for the school.
  • There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, April 19, and Monday, April 22, for the Easter holidays.

Dreaming about spring weather all the time!

We are continuing to follow Astronaut Nick Hague's work at the International Space Station. Did you know that you can receive alerts when the space station is flying over your location? Go to for more information. It is pretty amazing to see the Station from earth!

Have a great weekend!