Friday, March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018

The Insta-Learn Boards have become very popular in the classroom during work period recently. While the Insta-Learn Boards are not a true Montessori material, it is said that Maria Montessori would have loved them. They allow the children to work independently, while still providing a control of error which allows the child to check his/her own work.

The Language boards are used to match capital and lowercase letters when used alone, as well as spell words when used with a variety of cards.

Tatum is spelling three-letter phonetic words
like "sun."

Maddie is spelling four-letter words with consonant blends.

George is spelling words with R-controlled vowels like "bark."

We were lucky enough this week to even get some Insta-Learn Math Boards! These can be used to match numbers 1-25 or match quantities to numerals 1-25 when used alone. When used with the cards, they can be used for addition and to show place value.

Priya is working on her addition skills.

Kent sure is happy to be working on place value!

The Pre-K students love going to gym class every week! They are continuing to work on their fine motor and gross motor skills.

Maddie and Malayka were building Easter eggs
and matching shapes.

Tristan, Caleb, and George were working with the tool kit.

Nolan, Jonathan, and Addie were stacking chairs
to build towers.

Marianne and Dominic loved using their imagination
to call each other using a rotary phone -while
strengthening their fine motor skills.

Cameron was stacking eggs to make a tower.

Get on the Pre-K train!

Tatum and Cameron practicing their
jumping skills.

Kevin is a basketball star!

Sometimes we even get to play with our
Kindergarten friends in gym - brothers Reid
and Blaine especially love it!

Pre-K students have been working on their coding skills in the STEAM Lab. They are using Kodable on the iPads in the lab. Mrs. Zwilling is also going to give us a code to continue to use the program on our classroom iPads since the boys and girls are really enjoying it. More information on the program can be found here.

This week we were treated to an author's visit by two former HCA parents - Don and Lee Doyle. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle met with the students and read them their book Pop's Cookie Duster. The boys and girls were so excited to meet a real, live author!

Some reminders:
  • Spring break is next week - there will be no school from Monday, March 26 - Monday, April 2. Classes will resume on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. 
  • Save the date - Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - for the Early Childhood Celebration!
  • Please send in a plain, white T-shirt for the celebration by Friday, April 13.
  • Please send in a new spring change of clothes for your child. We will return the other clothes when these arrive. 
  • Show and Tell will finally be back after break! For Wednesday, April 4, please send in something that to do with spring!
Hope everyone enjoys the break! Happy Easter!

Having fun at the Easter Egg Hunt this morning

Friday, March 16, 2018

Dr. Seuss Week!

In anticipation of the big school show this weekend, we decided to dedicate this week to all things Seuss!

The "Things" from The Cat in the Hat invaded our classroom!

We did a directed drawing of The Cat in the Hat. The boys and girls listened so closely to each step of the directions to create their masterpieces! Take a look!

We even learned about Dr. Seuss in our Weekly Reader. We learned so much about the books that he wrote and illustrated and discovered some clues to help us determine if a book was really written by Dr. Seuss. Did you know that Dr. Seuss drew all U-shaped pupils for his characters' eyes?

Dr. Seuss stories were in our library all week long. We read many during circle time and the children loved listening to the rhymes. Some of the students even started reading the books themselves. Listen to these amazing young readers!

George reading Fox in Socks

Kent reading Go, Dog, Go!

Tristan reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Nolan reading Put Me in the Zoo

Priya reading Green Eggs and Ham

The children were treated to a special preview dress rehearsal performance of Seussical Jr. on Thursday. Students in grades 1-8 put on an amazing show and the Pre-K students were a wonderful audience! It was fun to hear them talk about their favorite parts of the show and who they would like to play when they get to be a "big kid." We hope to see you at the show this weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2018

March 2, 2018

We had a great Spirit Week at HCA!

Superheroes were spotted in the halls
on Tuesday!

We played Olympic games in the gym on Wednesday.

Students worked hard to aim their curling "stones" and score!

Did you know that we have some future Skeleton athletes?

And even some mogul skiers?

On Thursday, we celebrated the 1920's - since that is when HCA was founded! We learned about silent movies. We watched a short clip from a Charlie Chaplin film and then watched a video where our own 8th grade students recreated their version of that film. Take a look here! The Early Childhood students loved watching the clips and shared some laughs together.

We also learned how to play Jacks!

Miss Webb taught everyone how to dance "The Charleston!"

Today, we had a delicious pancake lunch with our buddy class and did some great
buddy activities together!

Did you know that today is Dr. Seuss' birthday? We decided to wait to celebrate for a few more weeks because this year HCA is performing Seussical Jr. as the school play! The Pre-K students are so excited! We will be celebrating all things Dr. Seuss the week leading up to the show. Get your tickets now for an amazing production!

Have a great weekend!