Friday, September 25, 2020

September 21-25, 2020

Welcome to the Pre-K blog! I hope you enjoy following along on all our Pre-K adventures this year!

We are already making amazing progress in our classroom! The boys and girls are working so hard and learning new lessons each and every day. I am so proud of them!

The students are so excited to "work" during our Montessori work period everyday. The work period allows the students to choose a work, complete it, ask a teacher to check it, return the work to the shelf and repeat the cycle again and again. They have learned that some works are "table works," such as Practical Life lessons and our Science puzzles. 

Ava is working on spooning to strengthen her fine motor skills
and practice her hand-eye coordination.

Justine did a great job putting together her
puzzle - outside its frame!

The children have also learned that some works are to be completed on their "work rugs." They know to use their work rug to designate their work space on the floor. Most Language, Math, and Sensorial works are completed on a work rug.

After completing his work, Greyson is rolling his
work rug and will place it back on his shelf.

Luke is matching quantities to numerals 1-10.

Each morning we start our day with our prayers, morning announcements, circle time, and Morning Meeting. This week, we continued with our "All About Me" theme and learned about graphing. We graphed our hair color, eye color, favorite fruit, favorite ice cream flavor, and favorite color. We discussed the concepts of most and least. Check out our results!

We also started working in our handwriting books. To start, the children learn how to form the lines that are used to make all the letters and numbers. We also focus on how to properly hold a pencil while writing. Golf pencils are a great tool for Pre-K students to use when writing. Because they are small and lightweight, they allow for the children to get a strong grip and have better control while writing. This week, they learned how to write top to bottom lines.

Anthony is taking his time tracing the lines.

Look at Connor's grip!

Show and tell was AWESOME! The boys and girls loved sharing their "Me Bags." They spoke "loud and proud" about what they chose to share. Their classmates asked great questions and everyone learned so much about each other. We already can't wait until our next show and tell!

Alexandra loves robots!

Charlie shared a picture of his family.

Some reminders:

  • Thank you to all those who placed a Scholastic order. I will be sending the books home with your child when they arrive. New catalogs will come home each month.
  • Our next show and tell will be next Thursday, October 1. The topic will be something that begins with /s/. Please encourage your child to find an object that begins with the /s/ sound. Place the object in a bag and help your child prepare 3 clues to help his/her classmates guess what object he/she chose to share. For example, "It's something that is red. It is a fruit. It tastes sweet." (strawberry)
  • Please remember to send in an old, adult-sized t-shirt for your child to use as a smock in art class.
  • Please pack at least two napkins everyday for snack and lunch.
  • Hope to see you tonight at our Welcome Back Movie Night!

Have a great weekend!