Thursday, February 21, 2019

February 18-22, 2019

Between planned days off and unexpected snow days,
this was the perfect week to review our Montessori lessons in Pre-K!

Braela is using the Phonetic Objects and Labels.
She is sounding out the words to read them and
matching the correct object to the word.

Marcus is working with the tangrams puzzles to use shapes
to build a variety of pictures.

Foster is using the Bead Material to solve
simple addition problems.

Jordyn is stamping capital letters to their lowercase pairs.

Scarlett is punching out Asia for her world map.

Austin is spelling three letter phonetic words with the
Movable Alphabet.

Mira is sorting picture cards and learning the
names of the basic Geometric Solids (cone,
cube, cylinder, and sphere).

Blaine is spelling four letter phonetic words with blends
using the Movable Alphabet.

Charity is counting out quantities for
numbers 16-20.

Nora is using the Phonetic Word Cards and Pictures to
practice her reading skills.

Vincent is naming and completing patterns.

Kellan is spelling three letter phonetic words.

Many of the students have taken an interest in learning to tie their shoes. Tying shoes is a difficult fine motor skill to learn and children will master this skill at varying times. It is important not to push your child too much if he/she is not ready. If your child has shown an interest in learning to tie his/her shoes, be sure to check out Mrs. Mossor's blog here for some great pointers!

Some reminders:

  • Show and Tell will be on Friday, March 1. The topic will be something that begins with /g/.
  • Please remember our procedure for show and tell each week. The children should be bringing in an object that begins with the sound or topic for that week, not just a random object. The students should be prepared to give their classmates 3 clues to help them guess what object they chose to share. Please help your child prepare his/her clues beforehand. At this point in the year, our hope is that the students should be able to do this independently, without help from the teacher.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming important dates:
  • Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - Nursery/Pre-Kindergarten Prayer Service 8:15 am
  • Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - HCA Night at Panera 4:00-8:00 pm
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - Early Childhood Celebration 

Get your tickets now for HCA's production of Shrek Jr. on March 15-16, 2019! Tickets and more information can be found here. We are excited for a wonderful show!

Have a great weekend!  Hope to see you at the auction!

Friday, February 15, 2019

February 11-15, 2019

We had a wonderful time celebrating the 100th day of school!

We started off our day with a great 100th day of school video on GoNoodle. We loved singing and dancing with our early childhood friends!

Then, we filled in our chart where we count the days each morning. We knew that you could "exchange" 10 Units for 1 Ten Bar; but today we learned that you can also "exchange" 10 Ten Bars for 1 Hundred Square! We counted to 100 by units, tens, and hundreds.

We hid 100 Hershey's Kisses all over the classroom. The boys and girls were challenged to find them, and then put them on the Hundred Board in the order corresponding to the number on the bottom of the Kiss. They had so much fun searching for them in the room and it was great to hear them identify the numbers and match them to the board.

We colored and counted shapes and graphed them - the Pre-K students are 100 days smarter!

Snack was a special treat! We counted out a mixture of 100 snacks! Cheerios, raisins, fruit snacks, and even a few Skittles!

We took some pictures to commemorate our big day!

Then, we had fun turning ourselves in 100 year olds!

We made necklaces using 100 beads! This was a great way to practice our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

We even had time to be scientists! We talked about what scientists do and some of the steps involved in an experiment - predicting what would happen, conducting the experiment, and discussing the results. After examining the dropper, the students were asked to predict how far up 100 drops would fill a cup and record the predictions.

They eagerly watched and counted as we filled the jar with 100 drops of water.

We then discussed the results and compared and contrasted the results to our original predictions. They boys and girls were amazed at how little 100 drops filled the cup.

After lunch recess, it was time for some gross motor activities. We completed a 100th day workout!
  1. Running in place for 100 seconds
  2. 10 jumping jacks
  3. 10 squats
  4. 10 push-ups
  5. 10 lunges
  6. 10 toe touches
  7. 10 frog jumps
  8. 10 arm circles
  9. 10 criss-cross jumps
  10. 10 high knees
  11. 10 burpees (as requested by some of the kids!)
  12. A final 10 second dance party!

We ended our day with a STEAM challenge. The boys and girls were given 100 cups and asked to build a structure from them. Everyone had to be patient, slow, and calm when placing the cups to ensure that they would not knock it over, They worked together and built a good sturdy structure.

We had so much fun celebrating this milestone in our school year!

Some reminders:
  • Show and tell will be on Thursday, February 21, and will be something that begins with /c/.
  • Hope to see you at the HCA Mardi Gras Auction on Saturday, February 23!
Enjoy the long weekend!

Friday, February 8, 2019

February 4-8, 2019

Thank you to all those who came to spend 

Parent Visitation Day with us! 

The Pre-K students loved showing you the lessons they have been working on!

The children had a wonderful time completing the "love bug" directed drawing activity with you! We definitely have some incredible artists in our Pre-K families!

Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedules to spend the morning with us at school. We are so grateful to you for entrusting your children to us and the boys and girls were thrilled to spend this special time with you!

Congratulations to the middle school students
on their amazing performances at One Acts!
Blaine was so proud of his big brother, Jack!

Some reminders:
  • Show and tell on Monday, February 11, will be something to do with Valentine's Day.
  • Barring any snow days, our 100th day of school will be next Wednesday, February 13. We have an exciting day planned for the students. Stay tuned to next week's blog for pictures!
  • Valentine's Day is next Thursday, February 14th. Your child may bring in valentines for his/her classmates. Please be sure to include everyone!
  • There is no school on Friday, February 15, and Monday, February 18.
  • The countdown is in on for HCA Mardi Gras Auction on Saturday, February 23. Get your tickets here. We are looking forward to a wonderful night raising funds for the school we love!

Have a great weekend!