Friday, February 23, 2018

Pre-K is 100 Days Smarter!

What an amazing day we had celebrating the 

100th day of school!

We started off our day with some great stories about the 100th day and different ways to make 100. Then, we filled in our chart where we count the days each morning. We knew that you could "exchange" 10 Units for 1 Ten Bar; but today we learned that you can also "exchange" 10 Ten Bars for 1 Hundred Square! We counted to 100 by units, tens, and hundreds.

We hid 100 Hershey's Kisses all over the classroom. The boys and girls were challenged to find them, and then put them on the Hundred Board in the order corresponding to the number on the bottom of the Kiss. They had so much fun searching for them in the room and it was great to hear them saying things like "I found 23 - that has 2 tens and 3 units!"

Then it was time for some gross motor activity - we needed to wake up our bodies and minds and exercise! We completed a 100th Day Workout!

After that workout, we sure were hungry! We told the students they were going to have 100 snacks. They counted out 10 pieces of 10 different snacks to make 100! But don't worry - they saved some for home!

We had to take some pictures to commemorate our big day!

Then, we had some fun turning ourselves into 100 year olds!

It was time for our STEAM challenge next! The boys and girls were given 100 cups and asked to build a structure from them. Everyone had to be patient, slow, and calm when placing the cups to ensure that they would not knock it over. They worked together and built a good, sturdy structure.

We had so much fun on the 100th day of school that we had to continue the fun on the 101st day!

For a math activity, the students had to find and color various shapes a certain color. Then, they had to graph the results.

We finished up with a science experiment. We talked about what scientists do and some of the steps involved in an experiment - predicting what would happen, conducting the experiment, and discussing the results. After examining the dropper, the students were asked to predict how far up 100 drops would fill a cup and record the predictions.

They eagerly watched and counted as we filled the cup with 100 drops of water.

We then discussed the results and compared and contrasted the results to our original predictions. The boys and girls were amazed at how little 100 drops filled the cup. Two of the Pre-K scientists got their predictions exactly right!

We had so much fun celebrating this milestone in our school year! The Pre-K students are already asking when we can do it again 😉

Next week will be Spirit Week at HCA! The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, February 26: Music Day
  • Tuesday, February, 27: Super Hero Day (Students may wear free dress of a super hero - please no wands, guns, masks, etc., and please wear sneakers!)
  • Wednesday, February 28: Olympic Game Day (The Pre-K will represent Portugal and the students are asked to wear red and/or green to represent the colors in the country's flag. Please wear sneakers!)
  • Thursday, March 1: 1920s Day (In honor of HCA's 90th anniversary!)
  • Friday, March 2: Dragon Pride Day (Wear your HCA gear!)

Some Reminders:

  • Next Friday, March 2, the HCA Student Council is organizing a pancake lunch for all students. Forms were due today, but they will be accepted first thing Monday morning. Please return the form that was sent home, along with payment, if you are interested.
  • There will be no Show and Tell next week because of the special Spirit Week schedule.
  • This just in - I received an email that the "Teach Your Monster to Read" app will be free to download from Monday, February 26, through Sunday, March 4. This would be a great time to get the app for your child if you have not already done so.

Have a great weekend! Hope to see you at the auction!