Friday, September 21, 2018

September 17-21, 2018

We are already into a great routine with our Montessori work period. Often, we end circle time with a group lesson on one of the Montessori materials. This week, we focused on the Sandpaper Globe (where the students learned the difference between land and water), the Painted Globe (where the students learned about how the land is divided into the seven continents), and the Knobless Cylinders (which are used to distinguish between size and shape relationships and also build patterns).

Cory is adding some Knobless Cylinders to finish our
green-yellow-red pattern.

During the Montessori work period, the students are working very well, both with each other and with the Nursery students. They enjoy getting lessons on the materials from the teachers, practicing the work, and then teaching one another. We are working for a full hour already - the possibilities are endless!

Austin is matching and sorting by color with Color Box 2.

Braela is working with the Geometric Solids.

Marcus is matching capital and lowercase letters
on the Insta-Learn Board.

Mira is counting with the Number Rods and Cards.

Kellan is matching shapes in the
Geometry Cabinet.

Lily is building with the Pink Tower
and Brown Stair.

Scarlett is sounding out words and matching them to the
correct picture with the Phonetic Word Cards and Pictures.

We introduced handwriting to the Pre-K students. At this age, we begin by teaching proper pencil grasp. Then, we start working on the various lines used to form letters. For our first lesson, we worked on top to bottom lines and the students practiced tracing them and writing their own. They loved working in books like the "big kids!"

We love going to the library to check out books! Each child is able to select a book of his/her choice and keep it in the classroom library for the week to read and share with the class.

In gym class, we focused on our jumping skills, while following multi-step directions. The children were asked to spin their hula hoops, wait, jump in, and then jump back out. It took several tries and lots of hard work, but by the end of class, everyone was able to do it. Following multi-step directions is an important developmental skill for all Pre-K students to learn.

Our first Show and Tell was fantastic! We were amazed at how well the students were able to stand in front of the class and share about their favorite things! We are sure Show and Tell is going to be a favorite among the Pre-K students this year.

Some reminders:
  • Our first school mass will be next Thursday, September 27, at 1:00 pm. Please feel free to join us if you are able.
  • Our next Show and Tell will be on Friday, September 28. The topic will be "My Family." Please have your child bring in a picture of his/her family (if you do not have a photo, your child may draw a picture). Please have your child prepared to talk about the picture, including naming the members of his/her family and one thing you like to do together.

Have a great weekend!