Friday, April 12, 2019

April 8-12

In a Montessori classroom, we try to avoiding overusing phrases like "good job," and instead try to use phrases to ask the children about things they do and teach them that we value their opinions of their own work. We work hard to help them become intrinsically motivated to learn and do the right thing. Recently, there was a good article posted on a Montessori blog about this topic. Here are some alternatives to use, instead of always saying "Good Job!"

The boys and girls have been working so hard on their Montessori lessons and are so proud of their work each and every day. Ask them about what they have been working on in school!

Kellan counted the Long 5 Chain and skip
counted by fives to 125!

Mira started spelling! She sounded out each
object to spell it and then wrote the words
in her copybook!

Can you see Jordyn? She counted the Long
10 Chain and skip counted by tens to 1000!
The chain is so long, she had to work on it
in the hallway!

Blaine is writing the names of the continents
to finish his world map.

Austin is working with the Binomial Cube
to develop visual discrimination of shape,
color, and pattern.

Scarlett and Foster have been working on
writing sentences. They love brainstorming
ideas for what to write about!

So proud of their work!

The Pre-K students have been working hard on their handwriting skills all year long. This week, they started on writing their names like the "big kids." They are learning to write one capital letter to start their names, followed by lowercase letters for the rest of their name. Click here to make personalized handwriting worksheets for additional practice at home.

The Nursery and Pre-K students have been practicing every day for our big prayer service next week, on Thursday, April 18, at 8:15 am. We hope you can join us!

Enjoy this little sneak peek!

Some reminders:
  • Please send in a spring extra change of clothes for your child. We will return their other clothes when these come in.  Thank you!
  • There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, April 19, and Monday, April 22, for the Easter holiday.
It was wonderful to see you all at conferences this week. Thank you for taking the time to come in to discuss your child's progress. We are so proud of all the boys and girls!

Have a great weekend!  Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday for the prayer service!