Friday, September 20, 2019

September 16-20, 2019

Have you heard how we say good morning every day? It's up to the students to choose!  The boys and girls line and can decide whether they would like to high five, give a hug, or dance it out to start the day. It's brings a smile to everyone's face each morning and is the perfect way to start our day!

We started off this week celebrating Sydney's birthday! Thanks to Sydney's family for sending in cupcakes as a special treat!

We began working on our handwriting lessons this week. In Pre-K, we begin by learning how to hold a pencil properly and form each line correctly. First, we started learning how to write top to bottom lines. Check out their "skills!"

Then, the boys and girls took what they learned and practice tracing and writing top to bottom lines in their handwriting books - just like the big kids do!

In science class this week, we took a nature walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather! The boys and girls looked for things that were alive - trees, flowers, and animals. We even spotted the moon and some signs that fall is on its way. The students also worked on walking with a partner and listening to directions as a group. It was a great walk and they are already looking forward to the next time!

The "force" was with us for our first show and tell!

The boys and girls did a wonderful job sharing their favorite things and telling us about them. Please remember that show and tell will be on every "day 6." The topic will be posted here each week.

Looking ahead:

  • Our next show and tell will be on Friday, September 27. The topic will be "my family." Please send your child in with a picture of your family and have him/her prepared to name each family member and one thing that you all like to do together. If you do not have a picture, your child may draw a picture of his/her family.
  • The HCA Early Childhood Division has its own Instagram account!  Follow us @hcadrexelhillec!

We ended the week with another birthday!
Happy birthday, Jennah!  Thanks for the treats!

Have a great weekend!