Friday, June 4, 2021

June 1-4, 2021

We have been reminiscing about our fantastic year and sharing some wonderful memories of Pre-K! The boys and girls spent some time working on their "favorite" Montessori lessons from this year:

Lily loved using the Movable Alphabet to 
fill in missing ending sounds in phonetic words

"I am really good at this now!"

Lexi loved reading phonetic words and matching them
to the correct objects.

"I like this work because I read the words and it 
helps me learn how to spell."

Anthony loved working with the Ten Board to show
numbers from 11-99 as combinations of tens and units.

"I like this work because I like to learn about

Charlie and Connor partnered up to group and order 
numerals from 1-100 on the Hundred Board.

"We like it because we get to count up to a high number."

Luke mastered naming the seven continents
and is ready to finish his world map!

"It was my favorite thing to do and
I am so proud of myself."

Justine and Ava worked together to fill in missing
initial sounds in phonetic words.

"We do a good job together and we like to spell."

Greyson skip counted by tens all the way
to 1000 using the Long 10 Chain!

"The chain is long and it takes a super
long time to count to 1000."

I am so proud of all the boys and girls and am confident that they are well prepared to be successful in Kindergarten! They are excited for what lies ahead and some big hopes for next year. Click here to hear all about their big plans!

Important reminders:
  • Please make sure your children are in comfortable play clothes and sneakers next week. On Monday and Tuesday, we will be outside most of the morning for field day and fun day! Please put sunscreen on your child before he/she comes to school. Please be sure to pack a refillable water and plenty of extra masks - it's going to be hot!
  • We will be sending home student materials, mats, and rest towels next week. Please be sure to empty your child's backpack every night.
  • The last day of school is Wednesday, June 9th. Dismissal will be at 12:00 noon and there will be no HCA Plus.

Have a great weekend!