Thursday, September 16, 2021

September 8-17, 2021

Welcome to the Pre-K blog! I hope you enjoy following along on all our Pre-K adventures this year!

The boys and girls were all smiles on their first day of school!



Andre (AJ)


Mahalia (Hali)









We all love being outside on these beautiful days!

The Pre-K students are practicing their coloring skills. We are working on taking our time, trying not to scribble, using different colors, and doing our best to stay in the lines. The next step will be to develop our pincer grasp!

Social-Emotional Learning

The biggest thing we have focused on so far is learning the best ways to deal with our emotions. We have discussed what it means to be happy, excited, silly, surprised, scared, sad, angry, and frustrated. Through various discussions and role play activities, we have shared experiences and offered suggestions on how to help one another cope with our feelings. 

Dancing Out Our Emotions

We learned how important it is to take a deep breath sometimes. Inhale 1-2-3, hold it, exhale 1-2-3!

We also learned about the "Calm Down Couch" in our classroom. This is a special space where the children (and teachers) are free to go and sit if they just need a minute. It is also the space we will use for conflict resolution between students if the need arises. 

We continue to have these important discussions on a daily basis and offer the students opportunities to share and work through situations together.

Important Reminders:
  • On Saturday, September 17, HCA will be hosting our Welcome Back Social on the field beginning at 6:30 pm.
  • Please pack two napkins everyday for snack and lunch!
  • Please remember to send in an adult size t-shirt for your child to wear for painting in art class. These are due on Monday, September 20. Please do not send in a child's smock, the t-shirts are much easier for the children to wear. 
  • Sneakers should be worn to school everyday. 
  • Please empty your child's folder every night and return it to school the next day. If you need to send in anything to school, please place it in the folder.

Have a great weekend!