Friday, October 12, 2018

October 8-15, 2018

Last Friday, the Pre-K students continued learning about apples in their Weekly Reader. After reading along with the story, the students colored the apples red, green, or yellow depending on the letter on each apple.

Cory and Foster followed directions so well!

Then, the students used scissors for the first time to cut their papers in half and make a book, "At the Apple Orchard," to take home to share with their families.

Austin and Charity are focused on cutting on the line.

Finally, the students worked on a "big kid" worksheet. They had to follow directions and color the picture as the key indicated. They were so proud of themselves for completing this "challenging" work!

Great job, Scarlett and Mira!

Show and Tell /s/ was super on Monday! We reviewed the /s/ sound as a group before we began and reminded the Pre-K students that all the items brought in for show and tell would start with the /s/ sound. The boys and girls gave their clues so well in front of their classmates. They shared a soccer ball, a star, Simba, slime, socks, and so much more. We even had strawberries that were shared at snack time! Our next Show and Tell will be on Wednesday, October 17. The topic will be something that starts with /m/.

Nora looks great in her sunglasses!

This week is fire prevention week. 

We reviewed our fire drill procedures. We talked about fire fighters and what they wear to stay safe. We learned about fire stations and what the fire fighters do there. The fire department came and we had a fire drill - the boys and girls did such a great job!

We learned about fire safety from "The Friendly Fireman."

We even sang a song, "Stop, Drop, and Roll."

Some reminders:
  • Please remember to send spoons/forks (if needed) and napkins to school everyday. 
  • The Mission Party is scheduled for Wednesday, October 31. We are asking each family to make a donation of $5.00 per child. Please refer to the email that was sent for the schedule for the day. Students may wear their Halloween costumes over play clothes with sneakers. We will be taking the costumes off after the parade so the children will be comfortable for the games. Dismissal is at 12:00 and there will be no lunch on that day.

We love being a part of our HCA
"families!" Kellan loved seeing his "best
friend," Max, in the hallway.

Playing "Teach Your Monster to Read" 
on the iPads is so much fun. The children 
are ready to play at home now, too!