Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

This week, we did another author study. We learned all about Todd Parr. Todd has written more than 40 children's books including titles such as It's Okay to Be Different, The Feelings Book, Be Who You Are, The Feel Good Book, The Family Book, It's Okay to Make Mistakes, and The Thankful Book. Todd signs all of his books "Love, Todd" at the end of the story.

Todd started out as an artist and his books are full of colorful pictures. We completed a directed drawing activity where we drew Todd himself!

Todd's stories include wonderful messages for kids of all ages. One of our favorite stories was It's Okay to Be Different. As Todd says, "It's okay to be different. You are special and important because of just being who you are." The students (and teachers) had a great time making their own illustrations of themselves, just like Todd would do.

The Pre-K students love listening to Todd Parr's stories so much, so we decided to investigate more about him. We investigated his website here. There are so many fun things to do and learn. The boys and girls wanted to email Todd and let him know how much they love his stories, so we did! We even sent him some pictures of our projects from this week. Fingers crossed that he answers us back!

A reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on Friday, May 25, and Monday, May 28, for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The Pre-K students participated in a Q & A session with
our 8th graders yesterday. All of the students asked great
questions to our future graduates about their experience
at HCA and what they look forward to in high school.

We saw a bunny on our walk this week!

The Kindergarten is learning all about pets!
Mrs. DeBardino brought her dog, Bella, to
school. We loved meeting her!