Friday, May 25, 2018

May 21-25, 2018

Can you believe there are only 7 days of school left???

Even though the school year is winding down, the Pre-K students are still hard at work!

Nolan is working with the Fraction Circles.

Kent is using the Metal Insets to practice
writing lines correctly and improve his
handwriting skills. 

Kevin is fastening snaps.

Malayka is showing quantities for 11-19.

Blaine is matching capital and lowercase letters.

Dominic is working on his addition skills.

Alexa is using the Movable Alphabet to fill in missing
initial sounds.

Caleb is working with the Constructive
Triangles to make equilateral triangles. 

Cameron is using the Insta-Learn Board to spell three
letter phonetic words.

Tatum is practicing buttoning.

Addie is using the Movable Alphabet to fill in
missing ending sounds.

Priya is fastening buttons.

Marianne is using the Movable Alphabet to spell
three letter phonetic words.

Jonathan is using the Insta-Learn Board
to spell four letter phonetic words.

Maddie is using the Insta-Learn Board to add quantities.

George is using the Movable Alphabet to
write sentences.

Tristan is counting out quantities.

Our friends in first grade presented their biography projects this week. The students chose a person to study, read books about their person, and then dressed up as that person and presented his/her "autobiography." They visited us and paraded through the room to share some information about the person they chose. Pre-K students were very impressed - and are already talking about doing the project when they are in first grade!

Priya and George were so proud of their older siblings,
Maya (Amelia Earhart) and Emmet (Benjamin Franklin).

Our Nursery 2 friends came over one morning for a "party in the Pre-K."  All of the students worked and played together so nicely! Some Pre-K students were even giving lessons to their younger friends.

Some reminders:

  • There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day).
  • The last day of school is Wednesday, June 6.
  • Forms for pizza lunch on the last day of school were sent home this week. If you would like your child to purchase pizza that day, please send in $3.00 by Monday, June 4. Please pack a drink for your child, but we will provide them with dessert. If your child does not eat pizza, please pack a lunch for him/her. Cafeteria service will not be available that day. Half-day students are welcome to join us as well!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Marianne and Addie found some purple flowers
on the playground. After some investigating
 and talking with Mr. St. Cyr, they found out
they came from chives in the HCA organic garden!

Yesterday, Kindergarten celebrated pet day. Blaine's older brother is in Kindergarten and his parents were kind enough to bring their dog, George Bailey, over to Pre-K to meet everyone after his Kindergarten visit. George Bailey definitely seemed to have a great time sniffing around Pre-K and giving some doggie kisses to the students! Blaine told us all about his pets at home and Dr. Lewis (who is a veterinarian) let all the boys and girls listen to George Bailey's heartbeat. A big thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Lewis for coming to visit!

George Bailey snuck in some extra kisses for Blaine!