Friday, October 9, 2020

October 5-9, 2020

This week in Pre-K, we focused on patterns during our Morning Meeting. The boys and girls learned that patterns are groups of things that repeat by following a rule. They learned that when they try to continue a pattern, they need to predict what comes next based on what they already know. First, they practiced naming and continuing patterns I showed them. Then, they worked on their own!

We made a pattern out of our classmates.

We used the Pink Tower and Brown Stair to build patterns.

We found some patterns in our classroom.

Luke and Ava found a color pattern
on the calendar.

Charlie made a pattern with Halloween erasers.

We even drew some patterns in our journals.

See if you can find some patterns at home!

Greyson went on a walk with his mom and 
they found a pattern in a flower garden.

Other news:
  • This week, we participated in The Hartford's Junior Fire Marshal Program. The students learned about fire safety, smoke alarms, and the importance of making an escape plan. I am sending home some activity sheets for you to complete as a family if interested.
  • There is no school on Monday, October 12.
  • There will be no show and tell next week. Our next show and tell will be on Tuesday, October 20. The topic will be something that begins with the /t/ sound.

Our first Scholastic order is in! Thank you to Greyson's family for the wonderful books for our classroom. October's catalogs were sent home yesterday. If you would like to order, you may complete the paper form and pay with a check made payable to Scholastic or you can order online at using our class code H7WXZ. All orders are due by Tuesday, October 20.

Enjoy the long weekend!