Thursday, October 29, 2020

October 26-30, 2020

This week was full of Halloween fun!

On Monday, we drew jack-o-lanterns.

On Tuesday, we used our senses to examine a pumpkin.

We felt the pumpkin and described
how it felt.

We looked inside and described what we
saw and smelled.

We touched the "guts" to see what
they felt like.

We took turns scooping out the inside.

We examined the seeds.

On Wednesday, we carved our pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.

First, we drew a face on the pumpkin.

Then, we helped cut out each piece.

Finally. we put a candle inside to
see our jack-o-lantern all lit up!

On Thursday, we conducted an elephant toothpaste science experiment!

We mixed hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, food coloring, yeast, and water to make the magic happen! The foam that formed is a result of an exothermic reaction where energy was released in the form of heat.

Mr. Hartsock even joined in on the fun!

All of the early childhood students LOVED watching the foam form. You can try the experiment at home by following the directions here.

On Friday, we celebrated with all our friends at the Halloween Mission Party!

Pictures coming next week!

Some reminders:
  • There will be no show and tell next week. Our next show and tell will be on Monday, November 9, and the topic will be something that begins with /c/. Please send in something that begins with the hard /c/ sound (like in car, cat, carrot, etc.) not the soft /c/ sound (like in Cinderella, circle, cent, etc.)
  • November is All Religions month at HCA. If you or someone you know would be willing to share with a class, a division, or multiple groups either in person, via zoom, or through a pre- recorded clip, please email and we will make it as easy as possible. 
  • Looking forward, December is All Families month, and January is Native Heritage month. Please email if you have any ideas. 

Linvilla Thanksgiving Pie Fundraiser

Order forms were sent home yesterday for the HCA Linvilla Thanksgiving Pie Fundraiser. Help support our school and help the EC students win a pajama day!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!